WhatsApp is the future of your customer engagement

As the world is slowly recovering from the impact of Covid-19 and we are all leaving 2021 behind, one of WhatsApp’s significant focuses for 2022 is to use this platform to help all kinds of businesses to expand their reach and distribution.

As a communication solution provider, we are closely witnessing a massive shift in how people receive information and the mediums they are using to communicate with businesses from all around the world. Covid 19 forced us into a fast-tracked transition to digitalization that otherwise would have happened over decades, directly impacting the expectations and behavior of today’s customers.

Tools and platforms for corporate communication have become crucial for businesses to run; however, the consumer has branched off more towards sticking to their ‘own conventional’ applications for communication, even with brands and companies.

Recognizing and leveraging on current user behavior patterns, WhatsApp aims to enable businesses to improve their communication, now more than ever, to allow millions of people from across the globe to communicate easily with the companies of their choice.

In the new normal, as the businesses shift from physical to digital and are more focused on expanding their digital footprint, the customers will also need a more efficient and simplified channel to indulge their favorite brands. Global statistics reflect that even the older generations who were not comfortable with texting or WhatsApping are now inclined to message a business when they need to contact them compared to their priorities before the global pandemic.

To meet the continuously increasing needs of consumers and businesses while providing a unified platform that brings them together, WhatsApp Business offers two ways for merchants and service providers to engage with their customers and expand their businesses.

From a business and a consumer perspective, WhatsApp is the most widely used and accepted communication platform, making it almost a democratic choice of communication for the end-users. However, the beauty of this communication solution is now hidden in the fact that the reach and digital presence of a micro, small and medium-sized business on WhatsApp Business API are the same as a massive global conglomerate. Therefore, they provide a perfect opportunity for the customers to choose their preferred businesses to initiate engagement.

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