A Voucher Aggregation platform

e.ocean’s Voucher Hub is a digital voucher aggregation, procurement, and distribution platform for B2C marketers that allows them to distribute vouchers to their customers using multiple channels in real-time.

Increase Customer Retention Using Voucher Aggregation

An end-to-end platform for distributing, managing, and verifying vouchers. Increase customer retention using a reliable technology platform.

Reasons our clients love us

All your Vouchers in one place

Managing the vouchers distributed to customers has never been easier. Use a singular platform to aggregate, procure and distribute vouchers.

Distribute Vouchers to the Right Audience

Distribute the vouchers effectively to your audience by uploading the list of people you wish to send with ease.

Generate Billing Reports

The vouchers in circulation can easily be tracked and the relevant information is fetched, you can even generate the billing reports to conduct the necessary analysis.

Easily Integrate Voucher Hub

Just follow these steps and start building the bridge between you and your customers right away.

Digital Marketplace

A perfect platform for lifestyle vouchers for food, ride-hailing, delivery booking, e-commerce, and data bundles.

Distribute Effectively

Distribute vouchers to the right audience across channels like SMS and WhatsApp.

Excel Support

Upload customer data onto the platform using Microsoft excel files.

Keep Track

Keep track of voucher inventory with real-time reports on voucher purchase and distribution through run time dashboard reports.

Complete Control

Use maker-checker approval workflow for complete control of voucher management.


Secure access portal with built-in data encryption.

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