Seamlessly Automate Voice Call API

Integrate voice broadcast capability into your business applications without installing expensive hardware. Deliver notifications, text to speech, and one-time passwords with our powerful Voice infrastructure.

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Integrate Voice Call Service with Ease

Deliver automated voice campaigns to your loyal customers through Voice Call APIs without having to set up full-fledged call centers. Our portal allows you to create and deliver pre-recorded voice broadcasts, perform tasks like call scheduling, contact list upload, and report generation.

Virtual Call Center

Route incoming calls to relevant agents based on IVR and monitor the performance of Virtual Call Centers.

Automated Calls

Automate reminders, alerts, and more! Reach out to customers in a timely manner with e.ocean's automated call system.

Voice Call API

Receive, make, and monitor voice calls programmatically using e.ocean's Voice Call APIs.

Missed Call Services

Provide engaging and interactive communication to your customers with e.ocean's missed call solution.


Reasons our clients love us

Communicate Reliably

Our Voice API service with direct carrier connections and high-quality voice bandwidth enables you to deliver reduced latency A2P calls.

Scale on demand

Embed SIP calling into your business applications. Get PSTN, UAN, and toll-free numbers and quickly scale on-demand as your traffic volumes grow.

Fair Pricing

Our Voice APIs are backed by our SIP trunking service allowing you to avail of tailored pricing and pay only for the time you use, saving you money on each call.

Audio Playback

Play your own audio files for your inbound callers during call hold.


Convert text into a voice-based message using text-to-speech (TTS).

Dedicated Caller ID

Establish end-user recognizable caller IDs for outbound calls.

Flexible IVR

Build IVR flows to intelligently route your calls based on your requirements.

Call Recording

Integrate dual-channel recordings to capture all or part of calls.

Collect Digits

Collect DTMF digits from a user during a call to route calls and collect data.

Missed Call

Enable 2-way communication with your customers via inbound missed calls.

Number Masking

Enable 2 parties to communicate with each other without exposing phone numbers.

Analytics and Reports

Instantly view your statistics, reports, and analytics in real-time.

Setup Voice Communication Exactly the Way you Want

Using our visual IVR flow maps you can create a route for your calls based on the business requirements and the customer experience you wish to provide.
Our pricing structure is flexible to suit best for your needs, you can make estimations based on your preference.

Region of Contacts

Cost per Minute (Inbound)


Cost per Minute (Outbound)


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