Data-Driven Marketing Automation Suite

Engage the right audiences on the right communication channels in real-time with e.ocean capture hub, a Data-Driven B2C Marketing Automation Suite that features data aggregation and campaign management tools.

Create Context-based, Personalized Campaigns Easily

Driven through a dynamic campaign builder that enables end-user to construct a set of rules to filter out relevant customer profiles and engage with them in a contextual and personalized manner and track conversions.

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Engage the right audience in the right channels

Effectively manage campaigns and maximize ROI with the right communication strategy by building a personalized customer experience by observing customer behavior and demographics.

Personalize Customer Experience

Create a dynamic experience for your customers with the data you accumulate and put to good use.

Measure the Impact of all interactions

Through a data-driven approach, you can improve your user engagement across your customer lifecycle.

Easily Integrate Capture Hub

Create engaging customer journeys using Verifapp’s integrated platform:

Audience Segments

Build Audience segments based on profile, behavior, and RFM analysis.

Contextual Campaigns

Engage users with contextual campaigns across channels like SMS, Voice, Email, and Push.

Build Customer Journey

Use a journey designer tool to build customer journeys through an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Smart Incentives

Offer smart incentives throughout the customer journey with a built-in digital voucher delivery engine.

Conduct Analysis

Analyze performance with powerful tracking and reporting dashboard.


On-prem deployment to ensure data control and security.

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