E Ocean Becomes a Badged Meta Business Partner

E Ocean, a rapidly growing omni channel cloud communication platform is excited to announce that We’re now a Meta Business Partner!

E.ocean Team

The Meta Business Partner badge is awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of performance and service.

As a badged partner, this designation is a recognition of our team’s expertise and efforts to build a messaging experience at scale and automate customer service, lead generation and transactions for our clients over WhatsApp Business Platform.


E Ocean’s recognition as a Badged Meta Business Partner, provides us access to tools, resources, training and support to help our existing clients and future prospects engage with their customers in meaningful ways at scale over WhatsApp.

Tools and Resources

We get access to necessary time-saving tools, exclusive in-depth resources to help understand the latest product updates and industry insights.


Our teams can leverage Meta learning tools and trainings to enhance knowledge.

Dedicated Support and Prioritised Issue Resolution

We get priority customer support to help resolve issues related to features, bugs and APIs.

Recognition in Meta Partner Directory

We get to display our Meta Business Partner badge on external facing materials (marketing materials, website, email, etc.)  our website and our very own listing on Meta Partner Directory for potential leads to connect with us from around the world.

So if you are interested in leveraging WhatsApp as a differentiated channel to build conversational relationships with your customers to drive business outcomes then get in touch with us today.

Our sales experts will be more than happy to assist you to build your business presence on WhatsApp.

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