Acquire next-generation Messaging Services by e.ocean!

e.ocean provides rich communication solutions through next-generation SMS protocol that upgrades text messaging while delivering features to a device’s default messaging app.

Every day, billions of people and thousands of businesses are connecting via text messaging, a modern way to communicate that has been around for over three decades. We are offering our customers a next-generation SMS protocol to improve their marketing customer service and increase customer engagement leading to an increased number of sales for their businesses. 

SMS has been a crucial part of our lives for the last 30 years; as users ourselves, we send more text messages than phone calls or in-person meetings for instant messaging. However, with the new wave of upgraded text messaging and advanced SMS functionality available on mobile phones, all groups’ usage is skyrocketing. 

Most businesses rely massively on SMS for customer feedback, reward and loyalty offers, and disseminate sales and early launches information. All told, there are nearly 15 million text messages sent every minute in the world, summing up to about 22 billion messages sent only in a day. 

Texting is one of the simplest and most convenient ways of communicating with users, which does not leave anyone behind; even the 2g users enjoy the same attention from their favorite businesses and brands as a 4g user. In addition, the ease of writing a short, quick-to-read, and engaging text message to put across for your consumers makes the design and implementation process for communication easier to conceive and implement. 

From a consumer’s perspective, your customer does not have to sit on hold, take time out of their busy schedules to make long phone calls, visit your outlets in person, or wait for their emails to be responded to in the long queue of questions. Instead, your customers can shoot out a simple text, enabling two-way messaging, and be assured of getting a succinct & timely response. 

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