Keep your customers busy on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Business API has created a perfect opportunity for businesses to keep their Messaging hooked customers stay busy. This low-cost communication solution for businesses provides an experience that builds on WhatsApp Messaging, offering prompt responses, resolving customer queries, image sharing, disseminating information regarding products and new launches, and a smooth flow of engagement. Once the customers will purchase from this feature-rich application, they will realize how easy and convenient shopping has become. 

The popularity of WhatsApp among consumers is the perfect opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers in a ‘sticky way’. WhatsApp being the most used application all over the world for communication has the most concentrated userbase in the messaging landscape. To support users across such a crowded messaging ecosystem, your developers now do not have to wrestle with variations in APIs, capabilities, and tooling as e.ocean seamlessly integrates WhatsApp Business into your communications solutions. Keeping up with your customers and updated communication solutions is not easy, convenient, fast, and – most importantly – not expensive