Voice OTP Call via Interactive Voice Response Service


This article provides information on processing API service which will enable users to get One Time Password (OTP) via IVR service.

IVR: IVR (Interactive Voice Response) uses pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to provide information and options in order to receive responses from the users via keypad dialing. IVR applications are programs that control and respond to calls on the IVR platform.

Prerequisites for API

Number: The contact number of the user should be provided in the correct format in API for getting a success response.

Code: Code is a numeric value parameter it must be provided to generate an IVR call from the system.

Username: username will have to register in the system for accessing the API.

Password: user should provide their registered password for getting the success response from API.


This document includes a detailed explanation of service involved during the process along with the steps.
The IVR call through API will be performed as:
  1. The user will get a call from Voice OTP service to their number by hitting the API (https://ivr.eocean.us/********/outbound.cgi?number=033XXXXXXXX&code=1234&username= demo&password=””) from browser.
  2. The call will be transferred to the user if their provided parameters are verified and API generates success response code.
  3. The system will respond in accordance with the information provided.
IVR call will not be processed in the following scenarios:
  1. The user number is invalid, the call will get disconnected.
  2. Call was disconnected by the user.
  3. Call was disconnected due to a system error.
  4. The user does not enter a valid code.
  5. Authentication Failure.

Service Specifications

Voice OTP IVR Service

This service will be utilized to find out whether the user identity gets verified after getting an IVR call from the system.
    ✔ Call the API with user name (which is registered in a system) along with user mobile number (to which the call is received), password (registered unique password for user) and code (numeric unique value for each registered user) in parameters.
    ✔ Here the API will verify the authenticity of the user.
    ✔ Now the system will check if the user with provided credentials is verified.
    ✔ If yes, the IVR processing service initiated.
    ✔ Users will receive the IVR call from the system to their provided registered number.
    ✔ If any parameter provided in API is not verified, the same will be responded via API and call will not receive.
a. Request
S.no Field Name Field Type Field Length Mandatory/ Optional Sample Data
1 username String 5 M demo
2 password String 5 M XXXXXX
3 number Numeric 15 M 03XXXXXXXXX
4 code Numeric 20 M 1234
b. Response
S.no Field Name Field Type Field Length Sample Data
1 Response Code String 3 200
2 Response Description String 3 OK

Error Response Codes

Response Code Response Description
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized

API with Parameters:


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