Free Best Android Apps To Turn Your Smartphone into Super Smartphone


Free Best Android Apps To Turn Your Smartphone into Super Smartphone

These are the best android apps that can turn your smartphone into super smartphone. Number of smartphone apps have tremendously grown in the last few years. Millions of apps have been published on Google Playstore. Hundreds of apps with the same features are available to download, which makes difficult for users to choose one. User couldn’t make a clear choice that which app is better. So, here’s a list of free best Android apps you must have to double up your smartphone performance and functionality as well.

Free Best Android Apps

Free Best Android Apps To Turn Your Smartphone into Super Smartphone

There are millions of apps available on Google Playstore. Few of the free best android apps to get most out of your smartphone.

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a Google’s developed app that acts as a personal assistant. It allows user to do alot of things like navigate, communicate and to open different apps within the phone. It is used to make plans, playing games and even you can ask any question to Google Assistant to get answer for you.

It is free of cost and available on all Android based smartphones.

2. Evernote

Evernote is cross platform utility application to create notes in different formats including sketches, images, audios, videos and more. This is really a handy tool to keep yourself organized. Plans can be synced on any device you use to make it available on every platform.

It’s really an essential app for every user in this hectic life to stay organized.

3. Google Duo

It’s another exciting app from Google. Google Duo is one of the best free video calling apps available for android phones. It’s really very quick to make video calls like you’re making a standard phone call. You just need to login to your Google account for once, and start making video calls. It also gives preview of the caller before you pick it up.

This app is totally free and available Android and iOS users too.

4. ES File Explorer

File exploring is an essential use of every user. ES file explorer is one of the best file explorers for the Android devices. It have all the necessary features including space analyzer to free up junk file’s space. It also comes with cloud drives from where you can manage all your cloud drive accounts and also can share file from one drive to your phone and vice versa.

5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is world’s most popular instant messaging app, where users can communicate with one another using an internet connection. It allows users to share text messages, audio notes, photos, videos, files and location. Users can make audio or video calls too.

It’s most secured end-to-end encrypted instant messaging app. It’s also accessible from the Web client interface.

6. MX Player

MX player is the most powerful player that supports almost every kind of multimedia format. It have many other features like video zooming in, making subtitles, fast forwarding, brightness, volume gestures and on-screen kids lock. It’s free however free version comes with Ads.

7. PicsArt

PicsArt is a very cool and most downloaded photo editing app. You will be thrilled by it’s huge range of options for customizing photos. It offers features including collage, drawing, stickers, frames, cropping and scaling and many others. This app is free of cost.

8. Google Maps

Google maps is the most popular web maps service for real-time GPS navigation app. It offers complete street maps, satellite view, real-time traffic and routing planning according to traffic hassle. It covers accurate maps of more than 200 countries. This app becomes handy when you don’t know the place or route of your destination. It’s so essential that it can be the life saving. It comes in as built-in new android versions from Lollypop to onward.

9. LastPass

LastPass is the password manager that stores and manages passwords and them in secure private vault. It have feature to autofill password field in apps and browsers. You just need to remember one password instead of remember dozens of password to login. You can sync all your stored password over all other devices you use.

10. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is an advanced keyboard with a wide range of functionalities, uses artificial intelligence that enables it to learn and can satisfactorily predict what the user intends to type. It has great word prediction. Once your start using it, SwiftKey starts word prediction on your recent typing history. It will enhance your typing experience. It has also a wide range of themes to get a new look that you love.

These are all the free best Android apps that can turn your smartphone to a super phone.


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